Garth Brooks is one of the latest members to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, which may be the pinnacle but by no means marks the end of his illustrious career. The singer, whose three-year run as a performer at the Wynn Las Vegas ends next month, hints that fans may hear more music from him in the near future ... with his family's blessing, of course.

"We're just going to start," Garth tells The Huffington Post. "It will be fun. We've got our youngest baby [Allie], this is her junior year, and she's really in touch. Now, down from three to one [at home], you spend a lot more time with that one. She's in on every plan. She knows all the decisions. She's really well-educated in what's going on."

The Oklahoma native previously said he would consider resurrecting his music career when all three daughters were grown and out of the house, but his wife, singer Trisha Yearwood, reveals that there's another Brooks family member who would like to see that happen sooner.

"I think she's ready for us to go on the road because she'll be home by herself," Trisha jokes of her youngest stepdaughter. "She's doing every after-school activity you can do. 'You don't just want to sit and stare at us?' It's really fun."

Garth says he is counting on several of his fellow musicians to help him ease into the next chapter of his career. "You talk about songwriters, the great ones can birth a career but the greatest ones can bring life back into one," he notes. "So we'll be looking hard for songs just to see what the future might hold for us."

For now, Garth has four more shows to play in Sin City. See his remaining Wynn Las Vegas dates here.

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