It's April 1, and everyone knows what that means: It's every prankster's favorite holiday! Beloved by many people (and hated by just as many), April Fool's Day is the perfect time to let your hair down and enjoy a good laugh.

As it turns out, country stars love a good laugh as much as anyone else; they just have a wider following with which to share their jokes! Artists such as Brad Paisley have made a name for themselves with side-splitting tunes such as "Famous People" and "Ticks," while others such as Maddie & Tae use comedy to make their more serious messages heard.

Either way, nothing makes a country singer laugh more than making a hilarious song, and nothing makes us laugh more than listening to it. Scroll down to discover some of The Boot's favorite funny country songs.

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    "All My Ex's Live in Texas"

    George Strait

    Let's be real, who hasn't been banned from an entire state because of their love life? Strait has the homesick blues for the Lone Star State in this honky-tonking tune ... if only all his ex-girlfriends didn't live there, too!

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    "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)"

    Big & Rich

    What's better than a song that fuses country-rock and country-rap and tells listeners to protect animals by ... ahem, "riding" humans instead? When that tune gets remixed into a dance version, of course! Listen to Big & Rich's funky version right after you listen to the original.

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    "Redneck Woman"

    Gretchen Wilson

    Southern belles and fashion models are about to get a butt-kicking in Wilson's down-home girl-power anthem; in fact, "Redneck Woman" goes from funny to groundbreaking when you consider that it paved the way for other unapologetically honest and raw female country artists.

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    "Like My Dog"

    Billy Currington

    Currington just wants to be loved. Loved without judgement or expectations or complaining. Basically, he just wants to be loved like his dog loves him. "Is that too much to ask?!" he ponders in this hilarious song. We hope not, Billy -- we hope not.

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    "You're the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly"

    Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty

    For Lynn and Twitty, marriage is about so much more than money or possessions or even aesthetically challenged children ... It's about love, of course! And while this song makes a joke about many things, it doesn't joke about that, making "You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly" a surprisingly sweet love song.

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    "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"

    Kenny Chesney

    Some women (keep reading ...) go for little red coupes, but it's the ones who love John Deere that Chesney loves. "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" has never made farming equipment sound more alluring!

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    "I Love You Honey"

    Patsy Cline

    Brad Paisley might choose a fish over a girl, but Cline is more worried about four wheels. This hilarious tune has the guy feeling great about Ms. Cline saying yes to a date ... until he realizes it's his car she's really after.

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    "Some Beach"

    Blake Shelton

    Shelton needs a beach -- any beach. And with a song about road rage, no parking and dentist-induced drilling, we don't blame him. "Some Beach" captures the need for escape we all feel when days just aren't going our way.

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    "Girl in a Country Song"

    Maddie & Tae

    We're huge fans of this catchy tune from Maddie & Tae, and not just because of that hilarious role reversal of a music video that goes along with it. "Girl in a Country Song" walks a fine line of being funny while also calling out a double-standard against women in country music. In a world where "bro-country" often makes women a prop, Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye took it on artfully and hilariously ... and we're all better (and happier) people for it.

  • 1

    "I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin' Song)"

    Brad Paisley

    A man must choose between fishing and a woman ... We've all been there, right? While Paisley has released more than a couple hilarious songs (see: "Celebrity, "Ode de Toilet" and more), "I'm Gonna Miss Her" is the one that makes this list because it's just so earnest. He really is going to miss his girl ... just not enough to keep him from the lake.

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