Sherrié Austin's last album, 'Streets of Heaven' was released in 2003. Since that time, the Australian-born singer-songwriter and actress left Nashville for New York, where she appeared in several theatrical productions. She's also become a hugely successful songwriter for others (how huge? Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, George Strait, to name a few).

Sherrié has since returned to Music City and is about to unveil her first new album in eight years. 'Circus Girl,' according to the singer, who wrote or co-wrote every track and also co-produced the album, is a "mish-mosh" of different styles. It's full of fun melodies and her quirky takes on romance and heartbreak and, like Sherrié herself, there's a little bit of everything in the mix.

Sherrié shares exclusively with The Boot this free stream and free download of the title track from the new project. Click the blue arrow below to listen to 'Circus Girl,' and click here to download the tune for free.

Sherrié says the decision to do an entire album came about after writing what would become the project's title track.

"I was going in to make a little singer-songwriter record," Sherrié tells The Boot. "I didn't even know what it was called then. When we wrote that song I was like, 'What a wonderful waste of time that was.' Because there was no way it was ever going to get played at country radio. Who am I going to pitch it to? Then I was thinking, 'Why am I even asking those questions anymore?' I really started to look at the lyric that we'd written and the melody and I thought, 'This song is me. This song represents me. This is what I'm about to do again. I'm running away to join the circus. I thought it had left town. And here I am jumping back on the caravan with all the other clowns, heading off into a circus in cyberspace. Because the Internet and Facebook and Twitter has changed everything and is the whole reason I can even come back and do this now."

Sherrié will also soon be seen in the Sundance Channel's reality documentary series 'Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys,' which pairs her with her gay best friend, songwriter Shane Stevens (Lady Antebellum's 'American Honey').

"I always say the only two things I haven't done are porn and gospel," Sherrié says with a laugh. "When I went and did Broadway, Broken Bow [her record label at the time] said, 'That's so Sherrié.' Now I'm on a reality show about gays. If it's out of the box and a little different, I'm gonna find it. Or it's gonna find me."

'Circus Girl' will be available everywhere on Nov. 15. 'Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys' premieres on the Sundance Channel Nov. 18.