Frankie Ballard will realize a life-long dream May 24 when his self-titled debut album hits stores. The eight-song CD includes his debut hit, 'Tell Me You Get Lonely,' as well as his self-penned current single, 'A Buncha Girls.'

Produced by Michael Knox (Jason Aldean), the album also includes seven songs Frankie didn't write. "I get one shot to make my first record, and the fans deserve the best songs that I could possibly find," he explains to The Boot. "The truth of it is, in a town like Nashville, you're not always going to write the best song, because the best songwriters in the world live here. The fans deserve the best songs that fit me. I do have some songs that I wrote, but the best songs wins. My songs are fighting to get on the record just like all the other songs that I didn't write."

No matter who wrote them, all tracks chosen for the project had to rock. "I wanted to find songs that fit what I do live," Frankie continues. "I wanted it to have the energy that my live show has, as well as really good songs that people can relate to and that I can relate to. We just wanted to make some great music. I'm real excited about it. It's got a lot of guitar playing on it and uptempo, country, rockin' stuff."

This self-titled album is the culmination of a lot of blood, sweat and tears for the Battle Creek, Mich. native, who started making music long before he came to Nashville. "I was up there playing like 230 dates a year," Frankie says. "Just hammering it out and trying to win fans. I had a little demo CD put together, and I was trying to not have to get a real job so I could play music for a living."

Looks like his plan worked. Frankie will open the North American leg of Taylor Swift's Speak Now World Tour, beginning May 27. See his full concert schedule here.

Track Listing for 'Frankie Ballard':

1. 'A Buncha Girls'

2. 'Single Again'

3. 'Place to Lay Your Head'

4. 'Tell Me You Get Lonely'

5. 'Get On Down the Road'

6. 'Sober Me Up'

7. 'Rescue Me'

8. 'Grandpa's Farm'