It all starts somewhere, and according to Frankie Ballard, "It All Started With a Beer." The singer-songwriter has released the new tune as his first single from an upcoming new album.

"It All Started With a Beer" was co-written by Ballard and Jaren Johnston of the Cadillac Three. To work on his upcoming disc, Ballard and his band left Nashville for more than a week.

“We’re going to go in with nothing, and we’re going to come out with an album," Ballard explained at the time. "And that’s the way all my favorite albums were made. You slept at the studio — we’re going to do that. If we feel like putting down some guitars at two in the morning, we will.”

The record and this single has some big shoes to fill: "Sunshine & Whiskey," the title track of Ballard's last album, was certified gold, for sales in excess of 500,000 units, last December.

“This is what I’ve always dreamed of,” Ballard says. “I just want to make the best music I can make, and I hope that country music fans love it as much as I do. Every guitar player, musician, singer, songwriter that makes music doesn’t get to experience that because not everybody’s music has mass appeal. That’s a blessing to me, that the music I love and the music I make matters to people.”

"It All Started With a Beer" is available on iTunes now.

Listen to Frankie Ballard, "It All Started With a Beer":

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