Maddie & Tae's cheeky musical response to "bro-country" may not be going over so well with the bands that sing those tunes.

The duo's single 'Girl in a County Song' is a direct challenge to the way women are portrayed in current country music, saying that it may not be so great the be the girl in a country song, forced to wear skin-tight cut-off shorts and a bikini top while the boys check you out from their pickup trucks.

But Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley seems to disagree.

"All I'm gonna say about that is, I don't know one girl who doesn't want to be a girl in a country song," he tells the Chicago Tribune. "That's all I'm gonna say to you. That's it."

The girls responded to Kelley's comment in an interview on Hartford, Conn.'s Country 92.5, brushing off his comments and saying that they wouldn't call themselves feminists.

The whole thing is just us wanting to come at this from a different perspective, making sure that the girl that these guys are singing about gets a voice because you very rarely ever hear from her. He's a dude, he doesn't know what it's like to be a woman or to be the girl in these songs. We can't really speak for anyone else, we just know that that's definitely not something we would want to do, so that's why we wrote it.

Maddie & Tae haven't taken Kelley's comments personally, and they say that they're big fans of Florida Georgia Line.

"We love them and their music. They're sweethearts, they're awesome," they say. "The 'yeah baby's, whenever we say, 'Yeah, baby,' in our song, it actually came from FGL. Tyler always says, 'Yeah, baby,' and I love it!"