Florida Georgia Line have big things planned for their upcoming 2016 Dig Your Roots Tour. The duo, along with Cole Swindell, the Cadillac Three and Kane Brown, will kick off the trek on May 19 in Rapid City, S.D., and so far, everything is coming together great.

"I think the tour is falling into place perfectly with the timeline of starting in May, and things are really, really starting to progress," FGL's Brian Kelley tells The Boot. "We've got some tricks up our sleeve this year: We're going to create a vibe that nobody else has, that we've never had."

Kelley and duo partner Tyler Hubbard believe that their 2016 tour will be their best one yet, and with good reason: They're hitting the road with more experience than in previous years, and they'll be releasing a new album this summer. All together, the guys expect that to make their tour that much better.

"With the addition of a new album, new music and just more experience headlining, I think this year is gonna be by far our best year, our strongest," Kelley explains.

For all of the success that Florida Georgia Line have earned, they haven't forgotten their roots, and when it comes to touring, that affects how they play.

"[We're] trying to connect with the fan that's all the way in the back corner, 'cause we've been that person. No doubt. Everybody has," Kelley says. "And it's so important to make sure they can hear it -- hear all the music -- but they need to feel it, too."

FGL's journey from the guys "all the way in the back corner" to headlining major tours has been one of small steps.

"Every step of the way -- little levels, little turns -- I think we've made really good adjustments," Kelley notes, "whether it was going from the Tahoe to a van, from a van to a Sprinter van -- and all the while, you're moving up in venue sizes, and more fans are showing up, [there's] more commitments."

And now, they're on a bus, along with their tourmates.

"That's a brotherhood," Kelley admits. "That's how the road is. That's life for a while."

Kelley and Hubbard have known their Dig Your Roots tourmates the Cadillac Three for years; they even toured together early on. And they go way back with Swindell, too.

"We'd go back and forth for hours, me and Cole and Tyler -- play each other new songs, new demos, work tapes," Kelley recalls. "And there's just a bond there, a creative bond, but I think it's even deeper than that. It's just a great group of people, man."

Brown is the newest act of the group, but Kelley thinks he'll fit right in. He's especially excited about the singer-songwriter's authenticity.

"I think the coolest thing about Kane Brown is, there's not another Kane Brown," Kelley says. "That's the coolest thing about it, and he doesn't have to try to be anything he's not. He's not trying to replicate anybody or anything or any sound, and that's why I think people hop on that wave. Fans can tell what's real, and they want to surround themselves with it."

In the end, it's hard for Florida Georgia Line to pinpoint exactly what about their upcoming tour they're most excited for.

"Every night is gonna be amazing ... Each night, it's a new high with our fans," Kelley says. "It feels like every night gets better and better."

A complete 2016 Dig Your Roots Tour schedule, along with ticket information, is available on Florida Georgia Line's website.

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