Country Jam 2017 featured two expectant fathers in Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean, plus one singer who just welcomed a little boy. Justin Moore talked about his first son during his Colorado festival set on Thursday (June 15), and he started a trend.

From specials songs about dad to #DadJokes and sweet moments, country's leading men were longing to share with their kids back home, so a full range of Father's Day emotion was on display. Farewell Angelina are self-described daddy's girls. Mo Pitney was missing his daddy's girl.

Enjoy these on stage and backstage moments from the 2017 fest, and then find out which expectant father was tagged to headline in 2018.

Thomas Rhett's Sisterly Love

Thomas Rhett spent his first Father's Day away from his "very pregnant" (his words) wife Lauren and adopted daughter Willa, but they were certainly on his mind. During a pre-set interview with Taste of Country, Rhett opened up about how Willa is adjusting to the idea of being a big sister.

"She's 19 months, so I don't think she fully knows what it means that Lauren is pregnant or that she's gonna have a sister," Rhett says, "but I think once our new child is born, Willa's really gonna really gonna  be her rock and her big sister." Awwww!

Jason Aldean's Fatherly Advice

During his pre-show interview with Taste of Country, Jason Aldean shared that he's offered new dad Thomas Rhett some advice — sort of.

"He was kind of asking me some questions, and so i kind of talked to him a little bit about it 'cause i do have two older daughters. But, you know, I think being a parent, man, that's just something you figure out along the way," Aldean says. "There's no book; there's no right or wrong way to do it. You just figure it out as you go along."

Justin Moore's Plans With His Son

Justin Moore's Country Jam show was his first since the birth of his son, Thomas South, and it was an emotional one. The country star was open during his set about how thrilled he is to have a fourth child, and especially how excited he is that it's a boy — a sentiment that he echoed during an interview with Taste of Country. Moore has coached his daughters in softball and basketball, but “I actually can teach my son football, which is exciting,” he says.

Mo Pitney Wished He Was Home on Father's Day

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CJ Berzin

"Her and mom, Emily, went to church this morning. They were sending me videos and everything. I kind of wish I was back home," he says. "I am glad that I'm here, but this is one day that I was going, 'Man, I wish I could be back home.'"

Farewell Angelina's "American Fathers"

During their Saturday afternoon (June 17) set, Farewell Angelina honored their own fathers, and the dads in the audience, with their song "American Fathers." In the track, Andrea Young, Nicole Witt, Lisa Torres and Lauren Lucas pay tribute to the men that raised them — "very strong, self-made American men," as Lucas describes them. When Farewell Angelina played the Jack's Stage later on Saturday night (early Sunday morning, really) they encouraged the crowd to raise their beers and celebrate again.

Special Moments With Dad

Country Jam 2017 Father's Day
Patrick Hughes

Looking around the Country Jam grounds throughout the weekend, it was easy to spot parents and their children enjoying the festival together — and not just younger children, either. After all, what's better than sharing a drink with dear ol' Dad while listening to some great country music?

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