Erin McLendon has released her first full-length album, an alt-country project with blues, rock, pop and country influences.

'Fire & Wine' contains 10 songs, each either written or co-written by McLendon. The Nashville-based artist says that her eclectic mix of musical styles was heavily influenced by the car rides to school growing up.

“It always depended on who was driving me that day,” she says. “If it was my dad we would listen to Jimmy Buffett, Phil Collins, Queen, Aerosmith, the Beatles, all the classic rock stuff. It if was my mom it was people like Rod Stewart, Michael Crawford, Earth Wind & Fire -- the stuff you’d hear on all the soft rock stations. One of the only constants was country.”

McLendon began viewing music as a potential career option her junior year of high school, when she was assigned to write and perform a song based on the counter-culture era of the Vietnam War. She tweaked the tune of the only song she could play on piano at the time, 'Heart and Soul,' and her teacher ended up asking her to perform her song at the school's Veteran's Day celebration. After graduating from Belmont University in Nashville with the hope of pursuing a music career, McLendon joined Bernard Porter and PCG Nashville.

'Fire & Wine' was produced by Britton Cameron and Stephen Leiweke. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.