Eric Church just released the video for his latest single, 'Give Me Back My Hometown,' which is the debut single from his upcoming album, 'The Outsiders.' The video, which includes a priest presiding over a roadside funeral, left viewers with more questions than answers -- including Church.

“I don’t understand it either," he admits (quote via Country Vibe). The North Carolina native explains that he has already picked all the singles from the new record, and that the story will continue to unfold throughout each new song.

“We’ve conceived and conceptualized what these videos are gonna be," he adds. "There’s a storyline, so basically everybody you see in the ‘Give Me Back My Hometown’ video, all the characters, they each have a story line and they all relate to each other.”

The multi-platinum selling singer posted a series of cryptic videos on his website in December, making fans scratch their heads -- which is exactly what Church wanted.

“I love mysteries," he says. "That’s kind of where this whole video thing, when we started this teaser thing, we already had the concept for what these videos were gonna be. And we wanted it to be this big mystery, level of intrigue, that just was fun for fans that we could have this thing of trying to figure it out and looking at where clues were.”

The 36-year-old says he put a lot of thought into the follow-up to his 2011 No. 1 album, 'Chief.'

“I wanted something more compelling than just, ‘Here’s a music video and here’s what it’s about,'" he notes. "I think that creatively and artistically there’s some broader story lines there.  And I thought it would add some intrigue and add some fun to continue to carry this thing throughout the album.”

In an era when so many of his fellow artists are using every form of social media to promote their new projects, Church says sharing things on his website is as close as he will get to any form of cyberspace promotion.

“I’ve never tweeted, I never will," he insists. "I’m not on Facebook, I never will be. So this is a way for me to interact creatively without those things.”

'The Outsiders' will be available on Feb. 11. In anticipation of the release date, Church has released a second track from the album, 'A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young.' Download the single here, and pre-order the album here.