Surprise! Eric Church has released a new single. The song, 'Give Me Back My Hometown,' is the second single from the forthcoming album 'The Outsiders.'

The track appears to answer at least one of the questions Church raised in a series of strange videos he released in December.

"One will rise, one will fall," the first video stated, accompanied by footage of Taylor Swift talking about how she got her big break opening for Rascal Flatts after Church was fired from their tour for playing too long.

When Swift's fan's objected, Church removed that video and posted another, explaining that the message was not intended as a shot at Swift, and that all would be revealed soon.

With the unannounced release of 'Give Me Back My Hometown,' it seems that the cryptic "One will rise, one will fall" may have referred to the album's title song and first single, 'The Outsiders,' leaving the charts to make room for the new song, though it still doesn't explain why it was accompanied by the Swift footage.

According to a post on Church's Facebook page, the track will be available at iTunes on Jan. 7, but you can check it out above right now.

'The Outsiders' is set for release on Feb. 11.