Emily Robertson is a first time mom! The Carter's Chord member gave birth to a baby boy on Oct. 19. Emily's husband, Marc "Butter" Fortney, formerly of Trailer Choir, told Taste of Country that they decided on the name Tug for their son.

"We loved the name Tug. Obviously, Tug McGraw is the only Tug we know, and I am a huge baseball fan, so it just worked for him," the proud dad said. "I'm a pretty big dreamer and wide thinker, and (fatherhood) exceeded anything I could be ready for. It's something sweeter than I ever thought it could be and feel like."

Tug weighed in at 7 pounds and measured 20 inches long on his birthday. Although Trailer Choir has broken up, Tug's dad has been busy co-writing songs for Toby Keith and working on his own musical project with Rattlecan. Right now though, his focus is on diapers.

"I'm the second diaper changer. You know how you have a producer? Well I'm the second engineer!"

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