Singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson is gearing up to release a new album in late August, and in advance of its debut, he's giving The Boot's readers an early listen to one of the project's tracks. Press play below to hear "Good Enough."

"Good Enough," Bronson tells The Boot, is "a song I needed to write ... a song I needed to hear." It's a song about young, deep love, and how a relationship needs attention and care to keep it going.

"We kissed like a thunderstorm / Howled like the wind / Laughed at the night / Let the morning light in / Now there’s pillows between us / We’re quiet as kin / Where we lay," Bronson sings in the first verse of "Good Enough." The song continues, "Now there’s paint ’round the edges / Of our window pane / Leak in the roof / Where the ceiling is stained / Everything crumbles / If it ain’t maintained / It seems ..."

On the day that he recorded "Good Enough," Bronson -- a native of Baltimore, Md., who now makes his home in Atlanta, Ga. -- arrived at the studio to find his drummer and bassist unpacking a gift to their producer, Dave Cobb, from Chris Isaak: a vintage, 1950s drum kit, reportedly the one used to record Isaak's hit song "Wicked Game."

"We spent most of that day running around Nashville looking for a floor tom head and a few other missing parts [for the drum kit]. It was late that night before we had the thing set up and ready to track," Bronson remembers. ""Good Enough" seemed like the obvious choice to record right then. We played the song three or four times, and we were done ... It felt effortless. Chris' energy was in the room. I can hear it on the recording."

"Good Enough" is the first single from Bronson's forthcoming new album, James. The record is due out via Rock Ridge Music on Aug. 25. Visit for more information.

Listen to Eliot Bronson, "Good Enough":

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