The Eli Young Band have released the music video for their latest single, "Saltwater Gospel." To fit the song's vibe, the band headed to Cannon Beach, Ore., to film the clip.

The "Saltwater Gospel" clip opens on breathtaking views of the water and the waves crashing on the shore. Throughout the video, a number of different people -- a mom and her young son, a man in a suit, a woman in flowing pants, a young girl, a dog -- head to the water's edge. The EYB members themselves, too, find their way to the beach, with everyone ending up near a campfire at the video's end.

"The song just feels good. It's a little three-minute escape from whatever is going on in life that we need a vacation from," Eli Young Band bass player Jay Jones tells People. "We wanted to capture that same vibe visually. We really felt like the lyrics of "Saltwater Gospel" said it all, and there was no reason to have a video to tell a big dramatic story. Instead, we wanted it to just be full of great imagery to help set the mood."

“Saltwater Gospel” is the debut single from EYB's upcoming album -- the details of which have yet to be announced -- and is available on iTunes now.

“We have made some records that we’ve been really proud of, written some songs and had some hits. We want to continue to be that band,” James Young tells The Boot of the forthcoming project. “We want to continue to be the band that people expect to think outside the box, as well as try some things that people are scared of and make music that we can be proud of, our fans can be proud of.”