The Eli Young Band is currently on the road with Kenny Chesney and making the most of the experience. In fact, they're trying out new music -- as in they haven't even recorded it yet -- during their sets. "Drunk Last Night" is one tune in particular that fans are enjoying ... and sharing. (Hear the song below.)

"You hear the connotation of the title, but it's totally different," the group's James Young explains to ABC News Radio. "It's awesome to sing a song like that in front of people that have never heard anything. It's getting the best reaction of any first time song we've tried out on anybody."

However, the foursome is a bit taken aback by the fact that the song is already online, thanks to fans who recorded their live performance and uploaded it to YouTube. "That's part of the reason we started playing it ... to get it out there and get that reaction, but it's wild to think it's already out there in the ether," adds bandmate Chris Thompson.

The band's next stop is tonight in Orange Beach, Ala. See a list of their tour dates here.

Watch Eli Young Band Perform 'Drunk Last Night'

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