The Eli Young Band are reveling in the excitement surrounding their latest single, 'Crazy Girl.' The group had more than a hunch that the song was a winner, especially last summer when they'd look out from stages -- not just at their own concerts but also at the Country Throwdown tour -- and see fans singing all of the words to the song, which was written by Lee Brice and Liz Rose.

"It's great having 'Crazy Girl' out there," guitarist James Young tells The Boot. "When we were first approached about the [five-song] EP [also titled 'Crazy Girl'], we weren't quite sure how we felt about it. But once we realized the music would get out there more quickly, we knew it was right."

Need proof? Soon after its release, the song was the most added country single at Billboard and went to No. 1 at the iTunes country singles chart. The accompanying video, James tells The Boot, is the first chance fans have had to see the bandmates tackle "amateur acting" in a scripted story. (Watch it below.) The group had a blast, he says, transforming a wing of Nashville's Rehabilitation Hospital into the fictional Youngsville Psychiatric Hospital.

In the clip, the four were cast as hospital employees who are so into music they neglect their jobs and goof off. Although the story in the video -- which involves a patient escape -- is revealed (SPOILER ALERT!) to be a dream, it's a dream-come-true reality for the band and its followers, at least until their eagerly awaited full-length album is released this year.

"We knew fans were ready to get their hands on it," drummer Chris Thompson tells The Boot of the five-song collection.

"We have been playing these songs live and fans really loved them. It made us really easy for us," bassist Jon Jones tells The Boot of the release. "It was a no-brainer."

The Eli Young Band's 'Crazy Girl' EP is available. For information about it and their upcoming full-length album, visit the group's website. For details on their upcoming tour dates, check here. And check out where the group lands on The Boot's latest countdown of 10 artists who should already be superstars!

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