Hannah Blaylock's road to Nashville started in the small town of Nimrod, Ark., where the brunette beauty grew up on a farm with a loving family who were her biggest musical cheerleaders.

"My mom was the one who taught me how to sing," Hannah recalls. "She was the one who encouraged me more than anybody else in the world to really follow my dreams ... I don't remember ever being told once to be quiet or stop singing, ever. And I'm sure it was pretty unbearable at times!"

Now in the trio Edens Edge with fellow Arkansas natives Cherrill Green and Dean Berner, Hannah's dreams are coming true. Already a huge hit with fans and critics alike on the strength of their infectious hit, 'Amen,' the band scored a coveted opening slot on Brad Paisley's summer tour and will hit the road with Reba this fall. But before they begin their travels with the country icon, Edens Edge traveled back home to give fans an inside look at where it all started. Check out Hannah's personal 'Going Home' video diary below, then come back next week for Cherrill's video, followed by Dean's on September 8.

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