With Cherrill Green's musical genes, her career future was pretty much written in the stars. "We had a family bluegrass band from the time I was a little girl all the way up until I was in high school," she recalls. "I started out playing fiddle and then moved on to banjo and guitar. My mom taught me piano. My sister, Dad, Mom and I traveled around the state and surrounding states playing music together."

Now a member of Edens Edge with fellow Arkansas natives Hannah Blaylock and Dean Berner, Cherrill's multi-instrumentalist talents are reaching a bigger audience than she could've ever dreamed. The trio, who've been playing together more than seven years now, have spent their summer on Brad Paisley's H2O II tour and will hit the road with Reba this fall. But before they begin their royal travels with the Queen of Country, Edens Edge traveled back home to give fans an inside look at where it all started. Check out Cherrill's personal 'Going Home' video diary below, as she takes us to where it all began in Magazine, Ark. [Watch Hannah's 'Going Home' video here, and come back next week for Dean's video.]

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