Just in time for Valentine's Day, blues pianist and vocalist Eden Brent is premiering a touching music video for her song "Jigsaw Heart" exclusively on The Boot.

The video, which begins with Brent sitting at a grand piano, gives hope to anyone who has suffered a broken marriage or relationship, beautifully showing that there's always the possibility to find love again. At the start of the clip, she's situated next to an expansive corn field, which provides a simple and serene setting for a song that delves into some of love's toughest and most complex issues.

As Brent sings the poignant lyrics, "Have you got what it takes to unbreak my heart? / Can you gather up the scattered pieces? / Will it fall apart?" the video shows a woman holding an old family photo, sadness stark in her eyes. The photo shows her, a husband and two young kids, but it's clear that she and her former love are no longer together.

The main female character sets the photo down and goes outside to greet a dashing cowboy -- a new significant other. He came with a horse trailer hitched to the back of his truck, and they soon venture out on a romantic horseback ride across the rolling fields. Later, they make music together, with her playing the piano and him strumming a guitar. They laugh and cuddle, clearly enjoying one another's company -- and, unlike at the beginning of the music video, there is now hope in the woman's eyes.

"'Jigsaw Heart' questions whether it is possible for a new love to put the pieces of a broken heart back together. There's a lot of hope in that question," Brent tells The Boot. "There's a lot of hope in Valentine's Day and in all those red heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. What a great holiday! The day you can declare your love to anybody, even in a totally inappropriate relationship, and get away with it!"

The music video is touching and sweet without being overly saccharine; it understands that love after loss is tender, fragile and not easy to navigate. But it also shows that anyone can find love again; broken hearts can be put back together, one piece at a time.

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