Dwight Yoakam has recruited some musical heavy-hitters for his next album, due in early 2012 on his original record label home, Warner Music Group. The country icon is reportedly co-producing the project with Joe Chiccarelli, a famed rock producer and engineer who has worked with U2, Etta James, Elton John, Counting Crows and the Strokes, among others. Dwight has also been recording several songs with fellow Grammy winner Beck ('Loser,' 'Where It's At').

The new CD marks the entertainer's return to Warner Bros. after a decade of recording for a smaller imprint label. He began his career on Warner's Reprise Records imprint, with the platinum-selling 'Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.' album, released in 1986. "I'm pleased to be back in partnership with Warner Music Group for the release of my new music," says Dwight. "I'm excited about the enthusiasm they've expressed in their desire to once again be the conduit for my songs and recordings, as well as the ensuing musical journey that it will take us on."

"Dwight Yoakam is country music. His voice is immediately recognizable and his artistry is iconic," says John Esposito, Warner Music Nashville's President & CEO. "When I heard his current music, I was blown away. It is some of the best music he has ever done and I'm incredibly proud to have him back at Warner Bros. Records."

In addition to his new music, Dwight is also working on a new movie, teaming up once again with his 'Sling Blade' co-star, Billy Bob Thornton. "Billy wrote a new screenplay titled 'Jayne Mansfield's Car,'" Dwight tells the San Luis Obispo Tribune. "It's supposed to star myself, Billy Bob, and Dennis Quaid as three brothers in 1969, who are ex World War II vets wrestling with their own families and lives on a large cattle ranch in western Alabama."

'Jayne Mansfield's Car' does not yet have a release date.