In early 2017, Dustin Lynch earned his fourth consecutive No. 1 song with "Seein' Red," the debut single from his yet-to-be-released third studio album. The song was written by Jason Aldean's band members Tully Kennedy and Kurt Allison, along with Steve Bogard and Jason Sever; below, Kennedy and Lynch share with The Boot and other reporters to the story behind the hit song.

Tully Kennedy: It was just a regular writing day. I had a groove and a riff that we wanted to write around. So we started playing it and started working out the melody and lyrics and the title. The title actually came out maybe halfway through the morning; I don’t know if we had a title going in.

It was fun to write. I don’t think we left thinking we had what we had; I don’t know if we ever do. But it was a fun time, and it felt cool. Thank God that Dustin dug it enough to record it.

Dustin Lynch: I’ve never told this story ... but the first time I heard this song, I was headed to a Taylor Swift show in Louisville, Ky. Because these guys and myself go back several years, I tend to get to hear their songs a little quicker than most. [Someone] sent me this song and said, “Hey, check this song out. I think it’s pretty cool.”

I listened to it on I-65 North, going to Louisville, to a Taylor Swift show. Whenever you hear a hit song, at least for myself -- same with “Mind Reader” before this, same with “Hell of a Night," same with “Where It’s At" -- I can remember where I was the first time I heard it. I just think it’s funny that I was headed to a T-Swift show.

This is a song that really, for me, it’s just like “Hell of a Night”: a song that I really need for my live shows, to really make the energy level what I want it to be. What I love about the song, and always loved about it, is, it added a new visual aspect to our show. It’s definitely the biggest visual moment at our shows right now, because it lends itself to this big, energetic, red, sexy thing. So, on top of it being a great song, visually -- which is what people go to concerts for, is to see the music -- it [doesn't get any] better.

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