Dustin Lynch is becoming a seasoned pro on the road. The "Seein' Red" singer has opened for Luke Bryan on Bryan's last three tours, but while his tour boss has been the same since the 2015 That's My Kind of Night Tour, plenty has changed -- specifically, Lynch's popularity. In the last two years, the Tennessee native has released his sophomore album, Where It's At, earned three consecutive chart-topping singles ("Where It's At," "Hell of a Night" and "Mind Reader") and even headlined his own Hell of a Night Tour.

"We have a packed house when we take the stage now, which is really cool," Lynch recently told The Boot and other reporters, speaking about the evolution of his shows over the past few years. "[Bryan's] playing such huge venues that it's just amazing how many people are there for us when we're first. It really just hinges on how quickly the venue can get people in ... The excitement is there."

For Lynch, the greatest reward has been maintaining his fan base from his first single, 2012's "Cowboys and Angels," through to today.

"I think the first lap or the second lap that came back through, people will be like, 'Hey we met at your concert.' Now, it's, 'Hey, this is the kid that we had together after we met for the first time at your concert,'" Lynch explains of seeing his fans' lives progress as his career moves forward. "Relationships progress, and the biggest surprise is that my music becomes part of people's lives. I think it's easy to get caught up and be like, 'Yeah, we write songs and we sing songs,' but the fact that music brings people on the same wavelength at a location, and then they end up hitting it off and getting married and having children, and they met at your concert for the first time, is a pretty cool thing.

"I would say that's not something I even fathomed would be the case when we started," he adds. "It still is really cool to hear those stories and now meet the kids."

As Lynch has professionally grown up in front of thousands of fans each night, he's also learned how to interact with his largely female audience while respecting their significant others.

"I've learned there's a certain length of time -- I think it's probably two seconds and a half -- where you can have a one-on-one, in-the-eyes moment with a girl if a guy is
with her," he reveals. "Then the guy just starts going, 'Come on dude, move on' ... You've got to keep it quick, keep them guessing."

While Lynch enjoys seeing his fanbase increase, he admits that he isn't a fan of all the ways that some of his loyal supporters react.

"I had a pair of panties hit me in the face one night," he recalls with a laugh. "That's not good, especially at a county fair, when it's 90 degrees outside ... I don't know how you get weirder than that, unless there's garments I don't know about yet."

Lynch will remain on the road with Bryan through the end of his Kill the Lights Tour, which wraps up the end of October, and will then join Chris Young on his I'm Comin' Over Tour. A list of all of Lynch's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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