If Dustin Lynch's new single "Seein' Red" is any indication, his upcoming third studio album is going to be a bit funkier than his previous work.

Penned by Kurt Allison, Steve Bogard, Tully Kennedy and Jason Sever, the upbeat song begins with a groovy guitar line that sets the tone for the tune.

"I'm talkin' red-hot red kiss fallin' off your lips / I'm talkin' red-hot red dress hangin' on your hips / I'm talkin' backseat heartbeat poundin' in my chest / I'm seein' red / I'm seein' red," Lynch sings in the song's chorus. "Can't get you outta my head, girl / Can't get you outta my head / The way you color up my world / I'm seein' red."

""Seein' Red" is the perfect introduction to where I am in life and what this next chapter of music represents,” the artist says in a press release. “It's fun, sexy, energetic and makes me want to dance all over somebody.”

In late March, Lynch shared on Instagram two photos of himself back in the recording studio, simply captioned "tres ..." His freshman album, released in 2012, went to No. 1, and his sophomore record, 2014's Where It's At, spawned three consecutive No. 1 singles.

“There’s always pressure, but I think I’ve got a great idea of what I need to do,” Lynch says. “I know the songs we have are really strong."

"Seein' Red" is available for download on iTunes. Lynch will premiere the tune on TV on Conan on July 6.

Listen to Dustin Lynch, "Seein' Red":

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