Don Williams will release a new album this spring.

'Reflections,' a 10-track album that includes cuts by Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zandt and Jesse Winchester, is set for release in March on Sugar Hill Records.

“The only description I’ve ever had for songs I choose to do is that they affect me emotionally and that, hopefully, they have something to say that will touch other people," Williams explains of the tunes for his latest project.

The Country Music Hall of Fame member began his legendary career with 'Volume 1' in 1973. Producer Garth Fundis, who has worked with Williams for his last several records, returned to helm 'Reflections' as well. Williams says they have an easy rapport when it comes to the music.

“Even when we’re starting looking for the songs, just experimenting, Garth and I are just in agreement; we just want to make good music that touches our hearts and, hopefully, touches others’ in the process," Williams says of their relationship. "For many years, though, Garth has fussed at me about one thing -- that we need to be sure and do whatever song that I wrote, because I would just pass over it. I get more excited about a new song that I’ve just heard than I do my own material!”

'Reflections' will be available for purchase on March 11 here.

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