Don't believe everything you read ... or hear over the loud speakers at a football game. Dolly Parton is not dead. A spokesperson for the 62-year-old icon says Parton is "alive and well," despite reports that began circulating late last week that the singer had died from congestive heart failure in her hometown of Sevierville, Tenn. Dollywood Foundation president David Dotson says the rumor "came out of the blue on Friday night."

"I have no idea who or why it started or spread like it did," Dotson tells FOX News. "The most important thing is it's a rumor."

There's even a rumor about the rumor. Many have reported that it was announced over the loud speakers at a high school football game, though it's not clear which high school or in what town.

"They never identified what football game, so I think that's not accurate," insists Dotson.

Parton is not expected to release any kind of statement verifying that she is indeed alive. According to Dotson, she has been the victim of similar stories in the past.

"There was something a couple of years ago -- I think it started on the Web. Seems to be plenty of rumor-mongers out there," he said.

Parton wrapped up the summer leg of her Backwoods Barbie concert tour on August 17 with a performance at Dollywood. She's now taking a two-month break before resuming the tour in Orlando, Fla., on October 18.

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