Dolly PartonDolly Parton has kept many details of her 43-year marriage to husband Carl Dean out of the spotlight (like Carl himself), but she recently revealed a bit of her early-morning wake-up regime, which is designed with Carl in mind.

"I usually get up at 3AM," Dolly tells the Daily Mail newspaper. "I don't require a lot of sleep, and if I get tired, I'll take a power nap during the day. When my Carl is awake, I'll put on my make-up and roll my hair a little because I don't want to look bad for him ... my husband says I look like a Q-tip!"

Asked how long it takes to do her hair, Dolly -- famous for the many wigs she wears, quips, "How do I know? I'm never there!"

Commenting on the benefits of plastic surgery, she jokes that Carl would never have to cheat on her, "because he gets a new wife every three or four months."

Another revelation: Dolly insists she never had s-e-x with anyone to further her career in the tough, male-dominated country music industry. "When starting out in the business, I looked easy and people didn't take me seriously. I always looked like I could be had, and I still do!" the songbird admits. "But the truth was, I couldn't. The casting couch was very much present in country music when I got started and, Lord, I couldn't even name all the times I've been come on to. I'd be offered jobs and then before the deal was done, they'd say, 'Would you like to come up to my room?' And I'd say, 'I don't need the job that bad, and I'll never do that to get ahead.'

"People still thought I was cheap," she continues, "and though it was painful at times, I knew that that talk would be short-lived. But I was also confident about who I was and my talent, so when I went into meetings, I never crumbled under a man's power. I'd tell them 'I have something to offer which I think could make us both a lot of money, if you want to take a gamble,' and leave it at that."

Dolly has been in the UK promoting the release of her 'Dolly: Live in London' CD/DVD.

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