Two of the Dixie Chicks have recorded an album, but without lead vocalist Natalie Maines. CMT reports that sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire, co-founders of the Chicks, are planning to release a new album on Columbia Records.

All three Chicks spent the holidays at the home of Natalie's father, Lloyd Maines, who co-produced their 2002 album, 'Home.' According to Lloyd, Emily and Martie have been cutting demos, with and without Natalie, over the past year.

"(Natalie had recorded) a little something with them about a year ago," Lloyd tells CMT. "I know that Martie's doing a fiddle record on her own, and that Emily has been demoing some of her (own) songs. I played on some of those."

Natalie's father explains that though the three Chicks are not working together professionally at the moment, they're still extremely close ... and their future as a trio remains wide open.

"They were all here at my house for Christmas," Lloyd reveals. "Everybody seemed happy and healthy. And they were back here on New Year's Eve with their families. Everybody had a great time, but I tell you ... during holidays, I don't ask any business questions, and they didn't offer any insight ... but they're definitely still an entity.

"I know that the girls seem really happy being out of the public eye. They hit it so hard for so many years. The dynamics have changed so much now, because they've all got kids that are in school. The happy-go-lucky, just-take-off-and-go situation has definitely changed."

Martie's bluegrass album consists of old fiddle tunes she learned as a kid, and she will be doing an instructional book to go along with the project. Emily plays banjo on a few of the tracks. As for Martie and Emily's album together, there's no word yet on a title, release date ... or genre.