Dierks Bentley shared some of his deepest thoughts and most personal opinions in a new edition of Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down for Pandora. In addition to being a big fan of ice (because hockey, duh!) and mullets (for the same reason), the country star says that without peanut butter, he'd be dead.

"Mullets are awesome," Bentley admits. "My son has a sick mullet right now. He has great flow. In hockey, you call that flow, when it comes out of the back of the helmet. He has, like, crazy good flow right now."

Readers can press play above to watch Bentley give his approval (or not) on a variety of topics. Along with mustaches, airline peanuts and camping, Bentley gives his three dogs a thumbs up -- well, mostly.

"I love my dogs, but then they wake us up so early some mornings ... so dogs are kind up thumbs up AND thumbs down," Bentley jokes. But he gives felines a firm thumbs down, along with bears and camping, especially if he's been on the road a lot.

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Speaking of road trips, Bentley says they're thumbs up -- if they're in the air.

"Family fly trips -- it's kind of fun, getting in the small little propeller plane and throwing the kids in the back," admits the licensed pilot. "I like it a lot because you can't hear them screaming because the propeller is so loud, so it makes for a peaceful road trip."

Another thumbs down for Bentley is drones. While he might be a successful airplane pilot, flying drones has been a different story for him.

"Drones are down for me. I've lost a few drones on the road," Bentley shares. "I'm not a very good drone flyer. I'd like to think that I am, but I have one that's either still hovering or in the bottom of the gorge in Washington state, so be on the look out there, if you live in Washington."

Bentley also gives Mount Everest a big thumbs up, as he does for another mountain: His newest album, The Mountainreleased on June 8; readers can hear it now on Bentley's Pandora station. In celebration of the record, Bentley's on the road for his 2018 Mountain High Tour with Brothers Osborne and Lanco.

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