Kenny Chesney would be proud of Dierks Bentley's new single. "Somewhere on a Beach" takes a page from the playbook of country music's sun-kissed king, prescribing drinks and beautiful women in a tropical location as the balm for a broken heart.

In the brand-new tune, Bentley sings the part of a guy trying to get over a breakup by grabbing a one-way ticket to somewhere warm, finding a new girl (who, according to the song's lyrics, has "got it goin' on") and "drink[ing] all day" and "party[ing] all night." "Somewhere on a Beach" could be what happened after "Drunk on a Plane," if the guy in that song hadn't actually gone home.

"I wish it coulda worked out / But I'm gettin' over you now," Bentley sings, "On a beach towel / With my shades on / My drink's up / And the sun's out."

Melody-wise, "Somewhere on a Beach" has an infectious, almost soulful groove -- with nary an island sound in the mix. Chesney may have written the playbook on country beach songs, but Bentley isn't afraid to add his own twist.

"Somewhere on a Beach" is the first single from Bentley's upcoming eighth studio album, Black. Admittedly, the song seems a bit out of place as the lead single from an album that Bentley says "explore[s] the shadows and edges of the heart" -- but it does fit the bill as a song that "describe[s] the feeling of finding that person that makes you forget the one that broke your heart."

An official release date for Black has not yet been announced, but the album is already available for pre-order via Bentley’s official website. Fans who pre-order the disc will receive bonus tracks and videos, special merchandise and “Black Card” member experiences on Bentley’s 2016 tour.

Listen to Dierks Bentley, "Somewhere on a Beach":

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