Dierks Bentley has chosen the title track of his latest album, Riser, as his new single.

Bentley used the song, written by Travis Meadows and Steve Moakler, as inspiration for the entire record.

"It’s a big song," Bentley told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "It takes different meanings as it goes on.

"... It’s not a song for the dead, it’s a song for the living; it’s a song of resilience," he continues. "... It’s one of those songs that will always have various meanings. I certainly think about my fans, and people out there, looking out at a crowd of 20,000 people, everyone has some story they’re struggling with, whether it’s bills or their kids, and they’re finding a way to make it happen."

Bentley's executive producer, Arturo Buenahora, sent the singer the tune back in 2012, shortly after Bentley's father passed away, which is why it resonated so strongly with him and why he hopes that it resonates with his fans at his live show as well. During his 2015 Sounds of Summer Tour, Bentley takes the song literally, singing from a lift in the center of the stage.

"It’s a centerpiece of the production with the riser -- the lift -- and being a single now, I feel like it has a spot," Bentley explains. "Like "Riser," "I Hold On" -- you can sing those anywhere. They stand up on their own. Just a chance to do that song, get a really nice slot in the show, the big look — hopefully [it] will be impactful on the audience."

However, the 39-year-old makes it clear that the majority of his set list is geared toward keeping people entertained and on their feet.

"I feel like my show really is very audience-interactive driven. I feel like I have my two moments in my show where I can do something like that," Bentley says, referring to "Riser" and "I Hold On." "Let’s keep it rocking. On the road, we’re here to rock."

Find a list of all of Bentley's upcoming shows on his website. Purchase Riser on iTunes or Amazon.

Listen to Dierks Bentley, "Riser":

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