Dierks Bentley is letting fans hear a few of the songs from his forthcoming album Black before it hits stores. The artist recently revealed "I'll Be the Moon," with a provocative video accompanying the track.

Black will be Bentley's eighth studio record. "I'll Be the Moon" features rising country singer Maren Morris, whose single "My Church" has gained her quite a bit of exposure -- but Bentley didn't originally record this new song to be a duet

"We first recorded it just me, but the song looks at a relationship from a different angle, where the girl is instigating the deceit. So, I felt like it needed a female voice, and I started to hear it more as a duet," he tells Rolling Stone. "I love the perspective Maren adds; there’s weight to her voice."

The "I'll Be the Moon" video is the first in a short film series based on several of Black's songs.

""I’ll Be The Moon" is a pivotal part of the flow of this record," Bentley explains, "and is where the storyline of the couple in this series begins."

Filmed in black and white, the clip showcases a love triangle between a woman, her boyfriend and her secret lover. It's tense with secrets, longing and confusion, and infidelity is the shaky ground underneath it all. The video hones in on the lover's emotions as he plays second fiddle to the husband.

"It never works out all nice and neat. It's a little more mysterious than that," Bentley notes.

Black is available for pre-order now. It is scheduled for release on May 27.

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