The songwriters behind Dierks Bentley and Brothers Osborne's "Burning Man" actually began the writing session that led to the No. 1 hit working on something entirely different. That day, Luke Dick and Bobby Pinson spent about six hours on another track that Dick describes as "maybe a B- ... or a C- song."

When Pinson had to take a break to run an errand, however, Dick decided to independently take a look at a snippet of another track he'd been working on, and it caught Pinson's ear on his way out the door. Read on to learn the story of how that small snippet of music became "Burning Man."

Luke Dick: Maybe I pulled up a track that I was thinking about, or something like that, on accident, and then pushed play. And this guy [Bobby Pinson] said he had to go check his cows at four o'clock. I pushed play, and he goes to take care of his cows, and he stopped. Like, he had his guitar out the door, and he goes, "Wait a minute, we gotta check this out. What is that?"

So he made a phone call, called his cows or whatever, and then an hour later, we had the song. It really was that fast.

Bobby Pinson: What's interesting about that is that, out of all the songs we've both written, this is the first one I've ever been a part of where we wrote the first verse and the chorus together, and then we knew what it was. Sometimes you'll spend all day getting there. This one, we got there in an hour -- due in no small part to the fact that he had a lot of the music written and intact.

So we wrote a verse and a chorus together, and then, like he said, I had to go get those cows. I left, true story, and I'm on my way to the gas station to get gas to go get the cows, and by the time I got to the gas station, the second verse had fallen out. I call him with the second verse. And by the time I got to the cows, he called me with the bridge.

So we wrote that song in three sections. The first section we wrote together, and the second and third, we wrote independently of one another, and it all fit.

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