Dierks Bentley had a whole lot of fun shooting the video for his new single "5-1-5-0." All you had to do was look at his truck, which ended up being totally caked in mud by the time the shoot was over, to know just how much fun! (Watch the video below, followed by a behind-the-scenes clip in the second video player.)

For his latest clip, Dierks and crew traveled to Big Nasty ATV Park outside of Savannah, Ga., to mix and mingle with a group of mud-bogging fanatics. Mud-bogging is an off-road motorsport in which participants drive their vehicle, usually a truck, through a mud pit. The winner is the person who goes the farthest distance in the mud pit. The action fits the song perfectly as the tune has Dierks boarding the "crazy train" of love. Romance can, of course, not only get crazy but also quite messy!

The song's title, "5-1-5-0," is derived from the California police code that gives an officer the right to involuntarily confine someone whom they believe has a mental disorder that could make them a danger to themselves or others.

Taking that into consideration, Dierks and video director Wes Edwards decided to find some folks who loved to have an uninhibited good time.

"If you watch those mud-bogging events on television or YouTube, you see that those people have the times of their lives," Dierks tells The Boot. "We just figured we'd go down and do some crazy things for the video. Plus it gave me a chance to take my truck down and hang with these people all day long and play music."

Watch Dierks Bentley's '5-1-5-0' Video

The singer wasn't about to be at a mud-bogging event and not get down and dirty with the folks who were there to play in the mud. He was determined to take his truck, a 1994 Chevy Silverado 4x4, through a mud pit -- despite the fact that he was warned not to do it.

"I think my truck is pretty big but when you put it up against some of those other trucks it looks tiny," says the adventurous singer. "It looks like it's been lowered, with no lift at all, and it's got a six-inch lift on it. So I gave it a shot and halfway through I got stuck and they had to come in and tow me out. I made the mistake of doing it with the windows down and it's caked inside all the way through. The radio dial is crusted over with thick mud. They talk about Georgia clay and it is; it's not mud, it's so thick."

Not one to let a little thing like a stuck truck take away his fun, Dierks jumped right into the mud pit. "The mud is so thick I still have it in my ears and probably will have it there for a while," he notes.

"I'm not really worried about the outside of the truck," Dierks concludes. "But my wife's not gonna want to ride around in it with all that mud on the inside. I have towels in it right now so I can drive it around."

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Dierks' "5-1-5-0" Video

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