Country up-and-comer Denny Strickland is premiering his newest song, “We Don’t Sleep,” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

“We Don’t Sleep” shows Strickland exploring, for him, “uncharted territory” by experimenting with a range of influences, including pop, rap, rock and even acts such as Lana del Rey and Timbaland.

“I pulled sounds from all my influences,” Strickland tells The Boot. “I feel this song has a good blend, and after hours turned to days and days turned to months in front of the computers and microphones working and experimenting, we made this song breathe and live.”

Sean Giovanni, who co-produced “We Don’t Sleep” with Strickland, says that "We Don't Sleep" is an attempt to turn all of the singer's disparate influences into a cohesive sound.

“We utilized a unique approach; beginning with a heavily programmed track then having the live band come in and jam with it," Giovanni explains. "I think the result is a record that takes you on a sonic roller coaster. You get the structured depth of a pop-country record along with the emotional impact of a live-band feel.”

“We Don’t Sleep” is the first single from Strickland’s forthcoming album, California Dreamin'. The project, also co-produced by Giovanni, is still in the works, and a release date has not yet been set; in the meantime, though, fans can get "We Don't Sleep" on iTunes.

Listen to Denny Strickland, "We Don't Sleep":

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