David Nail and his wife, Catherine Werne, are only a few weeks away from welcoming their twins, a boy and a girl, into the world. The couple says that they are as prepared as they can be before their bundles of joy arrive.

"The nursery is done. We walk in and there are two empty cribs ...," Werne, a second grade teacher at a public school in Nashville, tells The Boot. "I did it very white and creamy. Very neutral. Very pure. There’s a little touch of mint green. It’s sweet."

One thing they haven't decided on, however, is the babies' names. The husband and wife say that won't happen until the twins actually arrive.

"We haven’t really settled on names ...," the mother-to-be reveals. "It’s hard with two."

Adds Nail, "We kind of want to look at them and make sure they look like a Matt or a John."

The country singer and his wife have been reaching out to other parents for tips, but they acknowledge that they are charting new territory.

"It’s hard for them to give us advice, because they don’t have twins, so it’s kind of a game-changer," Werne explains. "I’m going to be very big on sleep training them."

One thing they have asked for help with is figuring out how to hit the road together once they are a family of four.

"Maybe there’s some sort of contraption we can make to bring them out on the road," Werne says. "Little Big Town, when they had little ones out, they had little contraptions to go in their bunks, where the babies could sleep. So maybe we’ll get their advice on what to do."

Nail and Werne both acknowledge that the addition of two babies at once will drastically alter their lives, but they are up for the challenge.

“They’ll be our first children, so having two right off the bat is gonna be an experiment,” Nail notes, “but, hopefully, the good Lord blesses us with ability to care for them.”

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