Kennett, Missouri has two musical hometown heroes, now that David Nail has made a splash in country with his critically-acclaimed album, 'I'm About to Come Alive.' The midwestern town's other famous face is none other than Sheryl Crow -- the Grammy-winning pop-rocker whose family can take also take a little bit of credit for David's success. In a page out of the what-a-small-world book, Sheryl's mom taught David the piano!

"My hometown is so small that you run into everybody all the time. I just saw her at a little barbeque restaurant when I was home," David tells The Boot of Mrs. Crow, explaining that he took lessons from Sheryl's mom when he was young but then quit in favor of the guitar. "That's one of those life lessons that pains me to admit that I was wrong. I can remember so many people, especially Mrs. Crow and my father, saying, 'You're going to regret not sticking with the piano.' And of all the regrets musically I have, that's No. 1."

David's new album features a "shout-out" to his home state, 'Missouri,' which he also says is the most personal track on the album. His current single, 'Red Light,' just cracked the Top 20 on the country singles charts.