Every Saturday, The Boot brings you the week's top tweets so you can see what your favorite stars are chirping about! This week's funniest Twitter posts come from David Nail, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert and more. And don't forget to follow The Boot (@thebootdotcom).

David Nail (@davidnail): "I'm tired, can't sleep, this bus is rocking like George Jones in a liquor store about 1981! No clue what that means, but I can't sleep!"

James Otto (@jamesotto): "I know I'm a grown man & should find 'South Park' immature & crude but I can't help but laugh every time I watch it!"

Brad Paisley (@BradPaisley): "Dear Mom, having a great time in Canada. The people here are so nice. Even though they talk funny. By the way, what's a hoser? Love, Brad."

Jimmy Wayne (@JimmyWayne): "I'm the guy who tries running yellow lights @ 8am but red lights always catch me & I have to back up while everyone stares ... I wave hi!"

Miranda Lambert(@Miranda_Lambert): "I just spent an entire day with Loretta Lynn. My life is officially changed!"

Uncle Kracker (@unclekracker): "The Memphis airport always smells like BBQ. And I don't hate that."

Joanna Smith (@FarmgirlJoanna): "Sometimes I feel like my clip-in hair extensions are like a pet I never really wanted. The up-keep ain't fun. They are aggravating. Whine."

Danny Gokey (@dannygokey): "2day I celebrate tweet # 1,000!! 1st I wanna thank God, my parents, my fam, my publicist, my stylist, the mailman, my dog, my bff Obama ..."

Terri Clark (@TerriClarkMusic): "No in room movies - the middle of the desert, I'm taking up checkers or something. No fishing around here."

Anthony Smith (@AnthonySmithHQ): "The difference between coffee made from fresh ground coffee beans & instant is like the difference between oven fresh bread & a cracker."

Carolyn Dawn Johnson (@cdjmusic): "so 2 out of 3 shows, I started a song in the wrong key ... I'm trying 2 remember if I've EVER done that in the past in my WHOLE career ... surely I must have ... but I can't remember, I think I'd remember ... this is not a good ratio ... where is my brain!!!????"