A Denver country music radio personality, David Mueller, has filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift, and her rep has spoken out on the situation.

According to the Denver Post, Mueller filed a lawsuit on Thursday (Sept. 10) in U.S. District Court after losing his job at Denver radio station KYGO-FM in 2013 due to a backstage incident involving Swift. During a meet and greet photo op with Swift at the city's Pepsi Center, Mueller allegedly lifted up Swift's "skirt with his hands and grabbed her bottom" (quote via CNN).

Shortly after, following a confrontation with Swift's security and phone calls between the singer's management team and the radio station, Mueller -- who was known as "Jackson" on the air -- was fired from the station, on June 4, 2013. He was also banned from Swift concerts for life.

Tree Paine, Swift's spokeswoman, tells CNN, "The radio station was given evidence immediately after the incident. They made their independent decision."

While the photo taken during the incident, which features Mueller, his girlfriend and Swift, has not been revealed, it is a major component within the case. Mueller maintains that he never inappropriately touched Swift, as the picture would show.

"The contention that Mr. Mueller lifted up Ms. Swift's skirt and grabbed her bottom, while standing with his girlfriend, in front of Ms. Swift's photographer and Ms. Swift's highly trained security personnel, during a company-sponsored VIP backstage meet and greet, is nonsense, particularly given that Ms. Swift's skirt is in place and is not being lifted by Mr. Mueller's hand in the photograph," says the lawsuit.

Instead, Mueller says in the filing that another co-worker was handsy with Swift and "described and demonstrated how he had put his arms around her, hands on her bottom."

"Mueller steadfastly maintains that no inappropriate contact of any kind occurred between him and Ms. Swift," the filing adds.

A veteran of radio for more than 20 years, Mueller was making a base salary of $150,000 at the time; in addition, performance bonuses, product endorsement fees and public appearance fees were part of his compensation. The lawsuit looks to recuperate his lost income, claiming that he lost his job and prospective business opportunities because of the allegations.

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