Congrats to Daryle Singletary and his wife Holly, who are expecting their third child Nov. 3, Taste of Country reports. The new addition will join the couple's twin boys -- Mercer Ellis and Jonah Michael -- who were born on October 27, 2010.

"I want a healthy baby, but I would love to have a little girl to wrap Daddy around her little finger!" the singer tells Taste of Country. "We're so excited to have another one on the way. We've got twins that are 18-months-old, who will be two when this baby is due, so the timing will be perfect."

The couple have the advantage, this time around, of knowing the joys of parenthood. "Everybody tells you how it's going to be as parents, but nobody can really tell you how good it is," Daryle told The Boot when the twins were born. "All you hear are these stories about how it's going to change your life. You agree, but until these babies are born and you can hold them in your arms, there's nothing in this world that compares."

The proud papa has several tour dates on his website. The next is May 4 in Haynesville, La. Get a full list here.