Country singer Daron Norwood was found dead in his apartment on Wednesday afternoon (July 22). He was 49.

Norwood lived in Hereford, Texas, and, according to the Associated Press, was last seen on Tuesday night (July 21) with friends. The next day, his landlord stopped by to check on him and, after letting himself into Norwood's apartment, found the artist's body in a bedroom.

Hereford police spokesperson Capt. Kirsten Williams says that Norwood's body showed no signs of trauma, and foul play is not suspected in his death. His official cause of death, however, is pending.

Norwood released his eponymous debut album in 1994, and his sophomore record, Ready, Willing and Able, dropped in 1995, both via Giant Records. His hit songs included "If It Wasn't for Her I Wouldn't Have You" and "Cowboys Don't Cry," both of which landed in the Top 30 on the country charts.

However, Norwood left the country music business in 1995 due to his battle with severe alcoholism.

"I loved Jack Daniels, and Jack Daniels hated me," said Norwood of his alcoholic tendencies after allegedly sobering up in 1998. "I was so far down that I should have died. I was averaging 20 to 25 shots of Jack Daniels a night. I was at the bottom."

Still, his troubles continued: In 2008, Norwood was arrested for allegedly battering his wife, and, in 2009, he showed signs of a mental condition after scaring students during an assembly at Panhandle High School in Texas. At the assembly, Norwood was supposed to speak on the dangers of drugs and alcohol but instead, according to reports, spent nearly two hours shouting at students and faculty, running around the gym, using inappropriate language and more.

"The situation in Panhandle is very damaging to my soul," Norwood said at the time. "It cost me. It cost me with God, because I made him a promise I’d do my best for him."

Norwood last released an album, I Still Believe, in 2012.

The Boot extends our condolences to Norwood's loved ones during this difficult time.

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