On their way to Mountain Jam 2016 on Saturday (June 4), Darlingside found themselves with a flat tire on their van -- and then with a confused GPS. But at least this time, they didn't lose any of their instruments.

After their performance at the four-day festival, the indie folk band told The Boot about the time they (temporarily) misplaced something very important: band member Harris Paseltiner's cello.

"We had to sort of take some time to track that down," admits Auyon Mukharji, "but it did turn up."

"Good thing about a ferry is that it does go back and forth from Point A to Point B ... and so you know exactly where the cello is," Paseltiner chimes in. "It was just floating ... but, yeah, all's well that ends well."

At Mountain Jam 2016, the quartet -- which also includes David Senft and Don Mitchell -- played the festival's main Mountain Stage with a simple setup: one chair, one kick drum and the four men, each with an instrument. They looked small on the massive stage, but their classic sound and on-point harmonies earned them love from the early-in-the-day audience.

“In general, our set has a lot of contour — some up songs, some down songs,” the band says. “The uptempo songs, generally, in a festival setting, entertain crowds, so [we] make sure that a few of those are in there, but we do throw in the deep cuts so that people who know our music or are attached to some of those songs on the album get to hear the full contour.”

See Darlingside Onstage at Mountain Jam 2016