Darius Rucker and producer Frank Rogers' breezy summer smash, 'Alright,' is such a feel-good song, it's hard to imagine it involved two trips to the hospital to get it finished! The song had to be written in two sessions several months apart, because Darius developed an infection in his knee after their initial writing appointment and had to go to the hospital. They completed the tune four months later in Charleston ... with another disaster!

"We'd just finished the song up, and we heard this crash," Rogers explains to the Florence Morning News. "There was a neighbor girl visiting, and she'd pulled an aquarium down on her face and sliced her nose, and had to go to the hospital. So we had two major hospital trips in the middle of that song, but we kept saying, 'Everything's going to be alright.'"

Rogers, who also produces Brad Paisley and Josh Turner, says he is constantly inundated with demos from everywhere, even in his hometown of Florence, S.C., and people can get very creative with their song pitching. Rogers' dad Buzz says that even Frank's nine-year-old son, Manny, gets CDs sent in the mail to him with a message that reads, 'Give this to your dad.' "I listen to them first," Manny told the Morning News. "They're usually not that good!"