Darius Rucker has released his latest single, "Southern Style."

The song is the title track off of Rucker's most recent album, which was released in March. The singer says that even though his label chooses what songs to release as singles, he was completely on board with releasing the track.

"I love the song," he told The Boot during media events prior to the 2015 ACM Awards. "I love the sentiment of the song, and it just seems like, even with the label -- 'cause I never pick singles -- but even with the label, they just wanted to get that out to people because it just seems like one of those songs people are gonna connect with, and I think that's important in music."

The song was penned by writers Tim James and Rivers Rutherford, and Rucker says that he sees the track as a nod to every woman the world.

"That song, every time [I hear it], I see see a video in my head, and every woman that's ever meant anything to me just flashes through -- from my mom and my aunts to my sisters and cousins and friends from high school," he says. "That's what that song's all about to me: It's trying to describe a little bit of everybody, a little bit of every woman in the world."

Southern Style is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to Darius Rucker, "Southern Style":

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