Darius Rucker and Rascal Flatts are currently on the final leg of their American Living Unstoppable tour. Before the tour resumed, as Darius enjoyed time at home with his family, he routinely kept in touch with singer Gary LeVox, prompting a bit of good-natured ribbing from his better half.

"My wife asked me ... 'Do you miss your boyfriend?'" Darius tells The Boot. "The last day of this tour is going to be a very, very sad day. I love those guys. We get along like crazy."

But Darius says that's where the "craziness" of the tour ends. "It's a very tame environment ... very tame. The funny thing is, I was told before this tour that there were going to be these wild and crazy parties. I tell you ... there's not! We play our shows, and then the best part of the night is we all sit around -- usually the four of us and a couple of band members -- in a room talking and laughing until it's time to go to the next show."

Having experienced fame in both the pop and country music worlds, Darius says he can appreciate the way some of the bigger artists in country music handle their careers.

"A lot of people who I run across in other kinds of music really believe that when they have a hit that it's going to last forever. It's a rare thing in pop music," he notes. "A lot of people just think they are greater than they are -- a lot bigger than they are and a lot greater than they are. Then you see a lot of guys in country music who sell all these records and do these big tours. They get it. They get that they can lose their job."

Darius joins Rascal Flatts for shows in Illinois and Missouri this weekend.