Darius Rucker may be the former lead singer of the multi-platinum-selling pop band Hootie and the Blowfish and now a bona fide country star with three No. 1 hits under his belt, but to his kids Cary, Dani and Jack, he's just plain Dad.

Darius says his children don't fully understand the whole "celebrity" thing, but that's 'Alright' with him. "My son Jack will tell you that Daddy sings. He doesn't care to really get it that much," Darius tells The Boot of his youngest child. "He hates Daddy being gone, and Daddy's job's taking him away. But even my eight-year-old, she knows what it is, but somebody asked me if I was going to bring them to the CMA Awards, and [I thought], 'No, they've got school!' You can't miss school to come see Daddy ... I'll be home."

Darius' kids are big fans of country music. PEOPLE magazine reports that the singer's oldest daughter Cary loves Dad's tourmates Rascal Flatts, while daughter Dani is a huge Taylor Swift fan and son Jack grooves on some Jason Aldean. "His favorite song is 'She's Country,'" Darius says of his son. "When it comes on the radio, I turn it up just to watch Jack sing it!"

Cary and her siblings will have a chance to catch her favorite band again next year, when Darius returns to the concert trail with Rascal Flatts.