Charleston native Darius Rucker has deep roots in South Carolina and that's even more obvious when it comes to food, good manners and his favorite Southern expression. The singer-songwriter, whose True Believers album is due in June, shared some of his favorite things about Charleston in Southern Living's "Daily South" column, including his secret ambition to be another country superstar and what his perfect Charleston day would entail.

Darius says his new year's resolution is to get in better shape ("This year I really mean it!" he insists), but we're not certain one of his favorite Charleston dishes, okra soup (which normally has more bacon than okra), would be on the healthy menu. "I like it in the Charleston style with tomatoes and onion," he explains. "The best is from the Piggly Wiggly just down the road from my house."

Darius notes that his family has lived in Charleston for generations; going back so far that even he isn't sure how long they've lived there. He also says he makes sure that his children, Cary, 17, Dani, 11, and Jack, 8, always use "sir" and "ma'am" when speaking to someone. (Incidentally, in 1995, Charleston was named the best-mannered city in America by a leading ettiquette expert). In keeping with his quest for good manners, in place of curse words, Darius says you're likely to hear him exclaim "goodness gracious!"

His ideal day in Charleston? "I start by playing golf at Yeamans Hall," the avid golfer notes. "Then I head home, round up the kids, and go to my favorite beach, Isle of Palms. Then it's time for dinner at an amazing local restaurant like Husk or FIG. On a truly perfect day, I'd also play a set somewhere in town. Charleston is my favorite place to perform."

And although he's clearly proud to be one of Chucktown's favorite sons, Darius acknowledges that he wouldn't mind being Kentucky-born country superstar Dwight Yoakam. "Ever since the first time I heard his song 'I Got You,' I have thought Dwight was the coolest man on the planet," he says.

A song he'd like to cover? Bruno Mars' and Travie McCoy's "Billionaire." Though he'd add banjo, steel guitar and drums to his own version. Real the full Southern Living article on Darius here.

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