Danny GokeyDanny Gokey has emerged from the most difficult part of his life -- the loss of his wife Sophia in 2008 -- and has a whole new attitude, which is reflected in his single, 'My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.'

The former American Idol finalist views the song as his own personal anthem, and he says going through that tough time in his life helped to give him a positive outlook on life. "I've been there at a point in my life where i didn't think it could ever get bright again," explains Danny. "Turning the page and rounding out this section of my life these last two years, I've walked away with one thing, that's hope. This whole situation didn't kill me. It didn't take me out. It's made me a strong person. It's made me be able to be more compassionate towards people. It's made me connect with people on a whole other level because I've experienced that pain."

He also believes having been through what he went through can help others. "At least let something good come out of this pain, because I don't want this to mess me up for the rest of my life," says Danny. "I think that's what i can tell people is that it won't mess you up ...if you allow it, it'll get a lot better. And it can become a point [to] where you're a stronger person, and you can help other people."

Danny is currently on tour, spreading his 'message' to audiences across the nation. He's set to appear in Myrtle Beach, S.C. tonight (Friday) and Franklin, N.C. tomorrow (Saturday).

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