Indie folk rock quintet Dan & the Wildfire will be releasing their third studio album, 'Bull Moose,' in Spring 2015, and they're giving The Boot readers an exclusive first listen to their new single 'Backwash.'

With a mixture of folk, rock and pop creating a rootsy sound, the Boston-based band shines on 'Backwash,' an old-timey, front-porch-drinkin' song. Bourbon and a summertime breeze are a perfect accompaniment to this down-home track with a pop finish.

'Bull Moose' was recorded in Hearstudios, a converted barn in Camden, Me., and the band is excited about the direction it's taken them, venturing out into new territory that hasn't been trekked by the quintet before.

"This album is a game changer for us. We’re covering a wide range of styles on this one, but it was important to us to still have it sound like a cohesive record," says band member Dan Htoo-Levine. "This record gives listeners a chance to hear just how diverse we can be, and it definitely reflects all of our individual influences in ways that 'Smoke Signals' [the band's sophomore release] didn’t."

With a single listen, country fans should get excited for the band's new record. 'Backwash' is much more appealing than the title suggests.