Dale Watson will star in a forthcoming indie film, Yellow Rose.

In the spring of 2014, Watson was cast in the movie's lead role, Jimmmy Redburn. The artist will also be contributing original music and his library of tunes for the film, which began shooting on Nov. 1 at Austin's historic honky-tonk the Broken Spoke.

Yellow Rose is a short film about a 15-year-old Filipino-American girl, Rose Garcia (played by Thia Megia), who lives alone with her mom, who works as a maid in roadside hotel. She is sensitive and has dreams of making it big in the country music scene, which leads to teasing and ridicule from her peers. Much like country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift, Garcia finds solace in music and immerses herself in studying classic country, practicing guitar and songwriting.

Garcia slips into a honky-tonk one night with her one friend, Elliott, who has invited her to see Redburn, who has disappeared for the past 10 years. However, when Garcia returns home, she finds that her mother has been picked up by immigration authorities. Garcia calls on Redburn for help, and he takes her under his wing.

Not only is Watson's character impressed with the talented girl -- Watson himself is also impressed with Megia in real life.

"So honored to be co-starring in the movie short, Yellow Rose, with the star Thia Megia," Watson writes on Instagram. "This gal can REALLY sing! And write!! And act!!!!"

Though it's his most recent acting role, Watson's part in Yellow Rose is not his first: He previously appeared in 2006's The Garage, 2013's Angels Sing and a thriller, Two Step, released in 2014.

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