Dale Watson is adding another album to his Truckin' Sessions series.

Watson began the trio of albums in 1998 when he released the 14-song album, 'The Truckin' Sessions.' He followed that release up with a second volume a decade later. The third installment will be available on July 8.

“There’s a definite style of music that has to be used when writing a truckin’ song,” says Watson, whose father was a trucker. “The words mean a lot. You can’t cover them up with a wall of music."

Like the older albums in the trilogy, the new release contains 14 songs. One of the new tunes, 'Freewheelin',' was written while Watson was a live guest on Sirius XM Radio's 'Roaddog Show,' while truckers called in to give him the song's lyrics.

Watson wrote and produced all of the songs on the new album, which is set in the tradition of the classic country of Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings.

All three albums will be available in one package, 'The Truckin' Sessions Trilogy,' which is available for pre-order here.